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Trust Awards 2020

East Midlands Academy Trust will once again host its annual Trust Awards this year to recognise the efforts and contributions of pupils and staff across our seven schools.

Following the success of the inaugural Trust Awards last year, the event will bring our schools together and celebrate our high achievers and unsung heroes.

There are five categories this year:

  • Inspirational pupil award – for a child who has overcome adversity to achieve. This could reflect academic success, or a sporting or extra-curricular achievement eg sports, arts, etc.
  • Teacher of the year - to honour a teacher who goes above and beyond for his/her pupils
  • Support staff member of the year – to recognise an unsung teaching assistant, receptionist, site staff, catering staff, etc.
  • Volunteer of the year – to recognise school governors, PTA members and other unpaid volunteers.
  • SEND Star of the Year award – to honour excellence and dedication from a pupil with special educational needs or a staff member who works in SEN provision.

There will also be an overall winner who will receive the prestigious Star of the Year Award.

Please meet our finalists below!

Inspirational Pupil Award

This category is for a child who has overcome adversity to achieve. This could reflect academic success, or a sporting or extra-curricular achievement.

Rhiane Craddock NIARhiane Craddock, Northampton International Academy




Ashish Prince NIAAshish Prince, Northampton International Academy

Bronagh Towell PWSBronagh Towell, Prince William School

Emily Jayne Bullivant PWSElisa LewisElisha Fisher PWSEmily Jayne Bullivant, Elise Lewis and Elischa Fisher, Prince William School

Emily Dale CastleEmily Dale, Castle Academy

Austin Brown SAAAustin Brown, Stimpson Avenue Academy

Michael Bamikole HardingstoneMichael Bamikole, Hardingstone Academy

Elsabie Kellerman HardingstoneElsabie Kellerman, Hardingstone Academy

Tristan Menlah OrchardTristan Menlah, Orchard Academy

Shiba Das OrchardShiba Das, Orchard Academy

Imogen Weir Webber ShepherdswellImogen Weir-Webber, Shepherdswell Academy

Teacher of the Year

Sam Longden HardingstoneSam Longden, Hardingstone Academy





Sophie Coleman HardingstoneSophie Coleman, Hardingstone Academy





Daniel Williamson OrchardDaniel Williamson, Orchard Academy





Diane Clarke OrchardDiane Clarke, Orchard Academy





Vanessa Noctor ShepherdswellVanessa Noctor, Shepherdswell Academy





Chloe Brackenbury ShepherdswellChloe Brackenbury­­, Shepherdswell Academy





Ellie Finch CastleEllie Finch, Castle Academy





Christina Hodges SAAChristina Hodges, Stimpson Avenue Academy

Avril Gough NIA





Avril Gough, Stimpson Avenue Academy





Jonathan Wade NIAJonathan Wade, Northampton International Academy





Simone Perkins NIASimone Perkins, Northampton International Academy





Carrie Jolley PWSCarrie Jolley, Prince William School





Chloe Jessop PWSChloe Jessop, Prince William School





Rachel O'Connor PWSRachel O’Connor, Prince William School

Support Staff Member of the Year

Louise Thomas CastleLouise Thomas, Castle Academy





Leanne Horton CastleLeanne Horton, Castle Academy





Tracey Nisbet PWSTracey Nisbet, Prince William School





Deborah Sortland, Prince William School

Wendy Ray, Prince William School

Clare Bywater ShepherdswellClare Bywater, Shepherdswell Academy





Sandy Wakefield ShepherdswellSandy Wakefield, Shepherdswell Academy





Chris Tabard Orchard ShepherdswellChris Tabard, Orchard Academy and Shepherdswell Academy





Liz Taylor OrchardLiz Taylor, Orchard Academy





Ana Romero HardingstoneAna Romero, Hardingstone Academy





Di Livingstone HardingstoneDi Livingstone, Hardingstone Academy





Alan Dicker HardingstoneAlan Dicker, Hardingstone Academy





Shukri Ahmed SAAShukri Ahmed, Stimpson Avenue Academy





Linda Morris SAALinda Morris, Stimpson Avenue Academy





Leonie Heard NIALeonie Heard, Northampton International Academy





Jenny Parr NIAJenny Parr, Northampton International Academy





Mathew Edmonds NIAMathew Edmonds, Northampton International Academy

Volunteer of the Year

Suzanne Fairey SAA HardingstoneSuzanne Fairey, Hardingstone Academy and Stimpson Avenue Academy






Joanne Crockford HardingstoneJoanne Crockford, Hardingstone Academy






Ben Shirley NIABen Shirley, Northampton International Academy






Irfan Mohamed Orchard ShepherdswellIrfan Mohamed, Orchard Academy and Shepherdswell Academy






Barbara Blackman OrchardBarbara Blackman, Orchard Academy






Tracey Lambert Jones OrchardTracey Lambert-Jones, Orchard Academy

SEND Star of the Year

Christina Hodges SAAChristina Hodges, Stimpson Avenue Academy





Jayden Edwards SAA (website only)Jayden Edwards, Stimpson Avenue Academy





Faith Hopkins OrchardFaith Hopkins, Orchard Academy





Bella Jackson ShepherdswellBella Jackson, Shepherdswell Academy





Freddie Fern ShepherdswellFreddie Fern, Shepherdswell Academy





Lewis Cropley, Northampton International Academy

Kath Shea NIAKath Shea, Northampton International Academy





Zoe Dawson PWSTracey Nisbet PWSZoe Dawson and Tracy Nisbet, Prince William School










Cameron Newell CastleCameron Newell, Castle Academy





Amir Saleem, Castle Academy

Year 2 TA team Castle 5Year 2 TA team Castle 4Year 2 TA team Castle 3Year 2 TA team Castle 2Year 2 TA team Castle 1Year 2 TA team, Castle Academy

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