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Trust policies

Below are our statutory policies.

Our other Trust policies are available on request by emailing

Trust Policies are approved by the trustees and should be used as a template for our schools to personalise.

You can request copies of our school policies, or a paper copy of any e-document on our website, by emailing head of governance and compliance Monica Juan at

School appeals

If a parent/carer’s application for a place at the school is unsuccessful, they will be informed why admission was refused and have the right of appeal against the decision not to offer their child a place at the school.

  1. Northamptonshire Schools

Parents/carers wishing to appeal should complete the online appeal form on the NCC website. Please visit  for more information and to complete the form. If parents/carers wish to submit supporting evidence after lodging their appeal, it should be e-mailed to  within 10 working days of the submission of the appeal. Appeals must be lodged in writing, giving the reasons for appeal, by 5pm on the date set by the Northamptonshire Primary Co-ordinated scheme (please visit  for more information) Appeals received after the closing date will still be heard, but there is no guarantee they will be heard before the end of the school year in which the application is made. NB: For appeals concerning places not offered during the normal admissions round there is no deadline.

  1. Milton Keynes schools

Parents/carers wishing to appeal should set out their grounds for appeal in writing and send them directly to the school office.

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