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Who were the winners in our Trust Awards 2019?

Posted on: 18/06/2019

A special night of celebration saw the achievements of pupils, staff and volunteers from our schools recognised with our first ever Trust Awards ceremony.

More than 250 people attended the special event, which included fantastic dance and musical performances by pupils.

The awards were given out by East Midlands Academy Trust chief executive Joshua Coleman, and the winners were:

Inspirational Pupil Award

  • Ben Malopa, Northampton International Academy
  • Chloe Mitchell, Prince William School
  • Arifa Kalam, Castle Academy
  • Hollie and Katie Enefer, Stimpson Avenue Academy
  • Nathan Job, Hardingstone Academy
  • Ella-Louise Sholanke, Orchard Academy
  • Annalise Groom, Shepherdswell Academy

Teacher of the Year Award

  • Hayley Brooke, Northampton International Academy
  • Rob Mbanu, Prince William School
  • Pethrow Gooden, Castle Academy
  • Fay Parker, Stimpson Avenue Academy
  • Alex Price, Hardingstone Academy
  • Emma Mundy, Orchard Academy
  • Sophie Bonici, Shepherdswell Academy

Support Staff Member of the Year Award

  • Dawn Brinklow, Northampton International Academy
  • Steph Ryman, Prince William School
  • Debbie Bell, Castle Academy
  • Tina Berlingieri, Stimpson Avenue Academy
  • Lisa Howarth, Hardingstone Academy
  • Sam James, Orchard Academy
  • Elaine Noctor, Shepherdswell Academy

Volunteer of the Year

  • Reader volunteers Hana Finerty, Beatrice Horpas, Suraya Islam, Evie Peacock and Chloe Swallow, Northampton International Academy
  • Emma Tansley, Prince William School
  • Ismael Houssen, Castle Academy
  • Heather Jakeman, Stimpson Avenue Academy
  • Julie and Charlie the reading dog, Hardingstone Academy
  • Tracey Lambert-Jones, Shepherdswell Academy

Star of the Year Award

  • Tom Sharpe, Prince William School

To read the full list of our finalists, visit our Trust Awards page.

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