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Prince William School Welcomes Therapy Dogs Murphy and Mia

Posted on: 28/01/2021

Murphy and miaPrince William School will soon be welcoming two therapy dogs in a bid to enhance student wellbeing.

Cocker spaniel Murphy and black Labrador Mia will join the school once they are fully trained to provide comfort and support to students who suffer from anxiety, depression and other mental health issues.

Murphy and Mia will each live with a member of school staff, and the puppies and their owners will train together before being assessed by the charity Pets As Therapy when the dogs are nine months old.

Headteacher Elizabeth Dormor said: “During the various lockdowns, we have seen how important family pets have become. But even before that, the school was looking into the mental health benefits of having a dog.

“Murphy and Mia will be trained to be a calming influence in what can be at times a very stressful environment for some of our students.

“We’re all incredibly excited to welcome Murphy and Mia in to school and I’m looking forward to seeing the benefits they’ll bring to everyone’s wellbeing.”

Mia will be in the sixth form supporting students, while Murphy will work with Years 7 to 11.

The dogs will begin by spending two to three days a week in school to start getting used to the school bells and seeing students. They will have their own office where they can go for naps and quiet time to rest.

Once they are fully trained, it is hoped that Murphy and Mia will also visit hospitals and care homes as part of their therapy role.

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