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NCC Public Consultation on Proposed Changes to School Admissions Arrangements for 2022/2023

All admission authorities are required to determine their admission policies annually and to carry out a consultation if changes are proposed to admission arrangements for the following school year. In addition, the School Admissions Code requires all admission authorities to consult on their schools’ admission arrangements at least once every 7 years, even if there have been no changes during that period.

EMAT is consulting on the following proposals, and would like to hear your views and comments about these, so that we can decide whether to include these changes for the admissions policy for 2022/23:


East Midlands Academy Trust is consulting on proposed changes to the admissions policy to take effect for school admissions for September 2022. The proposed changes will affect new applications for NIA, PWS, Castle Academy, Stimpson Avenue Academy and Hardingstone Academy across all years.

Proposed Changes to the Admissions Policy

The proposed changes under oversubscription criteria across all schools are:

  •  Replacing references to ‘older/younger brother and sister’ for 'sibling link'

The proposed changes under oversubscription criteria for NIA primary phase are:

  • Removal of ‘Siblings of pupils attending the academy in year group reception to year 6’ and replaced with ‘Siblings of pupils who will continue to attend NIA’

You can find the current document with the proposed changes here or by asking for a copy of the information at the school office.

The Process of the Consultation

Northamptonshire County Council has agreed to co-ordinate this consultation process for all schools in Northamptonshire.

In accordance with the Admissions Code, a consultation period must run for a minimum of six weeks and take place between 1 October and 31 January. The process allows parents, other schools, local authorities and other interested stakeholders to raise comments or concerns about the proposed arrangements. This consultation will run between 9th November to 20th December. Information on how you can respond can be found at

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